The Impact of Deferred Home Maintenance

You might have noticed all the little tedious items on your home to-do list pile up. Somehow “I’ll get to it tomorrow” has turned into months, possibly years. Maybe it’s due to financial or time constraints. Whether it’s a squeaky door, loose floorboard, or peeling paint, you figure you’ll get to it someday, right? Well, let’s turn “someday” into today. Grab a notepad and pen, take a tour around your home, and let’s get started. Why? Because small, deferred home maintenance can quickly turn into something big and expensive.
Typical types of deferred maintenance can include things like home exterior repair, painting inside and out, and drainage and plumbing issues. Don’t make the mistake of underestimating just how vital the repairs are to your home’s integrity. Here’s how to mitigate the long-term consequences of deferred maintenance.

Learn the Truth

Before you wait one more day to get started, it’s essential to understand and recognize the impact and real costs of deferring maintenance on your home.

Decreases home value: Postponing repairs can lower your home’s value through yearly home appraisals or the overall future resale value.
Increases future repairs: Catching a repair is the best way to mitigate the cost of the repair. Fixing deferred repairs can cost up to four times more than the original cost of the repair.
Safety Hazards: While the repairs can seem minor, when completed, can avoid significant damage and major accidents like slips and falls due to a loose railing or a small water leak.

Assess Your Risks and Set Priorities

You’ve learned about the impact deferred maintenance can have on your home. Now it’s time to tour your home and assess your maintenance needs. Deferred maintenance can present itself in the interior and exterior of your home. It can also be easier to evaluate your house by reviewing maintenance items, such as window and siding replacement, HVAC servicing, and plumbing repairs.
Once you’ve created your list, it’s time to identify the problems that are causing significant damage right now or could cause major damage soon. Creating a list in order of priority will help you make smart decisions regarding what needs to get done first.

Take Action and Get Professional Home Maintenance Help

The worst thing to do as a homeowner regarding deferred maintenance is to do nothing. It’s essential to take some immediate steps to help prevent further damage while the problem is fully addressed. A few DIY solutions, like taping a cracked window, can minimize air leaks and additional breakage until the full repair can be completed. Similarly, turning off the water to a leaky faucet can reduce the likelihood of water damage or high-water consumption bills. But it’s important to note that these are not permanent solutions but temporary solutions until you can address the issue adequately.

Hiring a home professional can help you identify the extent of your home’s repair needs and develop solutions. They can usually repair the issue more quickly and accurately than DIY. Here at Harrell Contracting Services, we can offer professional advice and help take care of many of your home maintenance needs. We have numerous customers who take advantage of our Maintenace plans. That’s where we take care of your small repairs that need to be done on a monthly basis and watch for possible major issues, leaving you more time to enjoy your home! Give us a call if you want to get started on your deferred maintenance projects. You’re sure to feel better once you begin to alleviate your stress, avoid significant damage, and possibly save money in the long run. Don’t wait. Call today!