About Us


“Our family founded Harrell Contracting Services after gaining extensive experience in general construction. This background taught us the importance of a process-driven approach. At Harrell Contracting Services, we apply these methods to help private homeowners enjoy their homes without the stress of maintenance and repairs. They can rest easy knowing that local professionals who uphold community values care for their property.”

Troy Harrell, President


Troy Harrell


After high school, Troy worked as a labor hand at Holloman Corporation, an oil and gas company, during his summers while studying at Texas A&M University. Upon graduating in 2017, he excelled in facility estimating and project scheduling, showcasing his capability in experienced construction management. In 2021, Troy established Harrell Contracting Services to apply his extensive project management skills, offering specialized services in residential and commercial construction.

Tom Hellums

Division Manager

Tom Hellums, with over 30 years of experience in construction across residential, commercial, and industrial sectors, epitomizes the essence of experienced construction management. Starting as a teen, his deep involvement from hands-on crafting to project oversight provides him with a unique perspective that greatly benefits our client projects.

Mikaela Harrell

Office Manager