Project Management

Through decades of general contracting, we’ve refined our processes by identifying what truly works and discarding what doesn’t. Time and again, we’ve seen that robust project management is critical — it can make or break a project. To ensure success, projects need more than just skilled contractors; they require a broad range of capabilities:

Expert Project Management

We employ proven project management strategies to guarantee that your special project is delivered on time and within budget. Key aspects of our approach include:

  • Vendor Selection and Bidding: Securing multiple quotes and collaborating with the homeowner to review and select the right qualifications.
  • Subcontractor Coordination: Managing subcontractors efficiently throughout the project to minimize downtime.
  • Change Order Management: Rigorously reviewing and approving change orders to maintain project continuity and control costs.

Rigorous Quality Assurance

Maintaining strict quality control is crucial to ensure that a project is completed in alignment with the scope of work. Our quality assurance processes include:

  • Detailed Scheduling: Establishing and upholding a comprehensive project schedule.
  • Schedule of Values: Preparing a detailed schedule of values as dictated by the scope of work to ensure financial transparency.
  • Progress Monitoring: Consistently tracking and reporting progress relative to the established schedule and value benchmarks.


Sam Rayburn Cabins

Our client’s vision was to create a dream vacation destination at a prime bass fishing location in East Texas. The project entailed constructing a spacious main cabin accompanied by a separate guest cabin up the hill to host family and friends for fishing, relaxation, and social gatherings. Additionally, we built a 60×50 shop to accommodate their recreational gear, tools, and vehicles.

Located 9 miles down a seldom-maintained dirt road, the remote nature of the site required us to self-perform nearly all aspects of the construction, with the only exceptions being the foundations and roofing. Initiated in May 2021 and completed in February 2023, this two-year project faced numerous hurdles, including material and labor shortages. Despite these challenges, we successfully fulfilled the client’s requirements, much to their satisfaction. Today, they continue to enjoy their serene retreat by the lake.

Concrete Porch Rehab

During a project aimed at installing new sidewalks and updating landscaping at a client’s home, we were requested to enhance the existing concrete of their wrap-around porch. The original paint on the concrete was faded and worn. After consulting with the homeowner and considering various options, they chose a natural stone finish instead of replacing the old concrete.

We began by pressure washing the porch with an acid etch to prepare the surface, followed by saw cutting a stacked stone pattern into the concrete. After a thorough cleaning, we applied a hand-troweled layer of thin-set resurfacer to add a rough, stone-like texture to the slick surface.

Once the resurfacing was dry, we cleaned the porch again and applied an exterior concrete primer, followed by a coat of exterior concrete paint/stain that closely matched the home’s limestone exterior. We then hand-rubbed a darker stain over the surface to achieve a weathered stone look. The project concluded with the application of an exterior sealer to protect the new finish.

The transformation met all of the homeowner’s expectations, providing a refreshed, durable surface that continues to hold up against heavy foot traffic. This project not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the home but also cemented our ongoing relationship with the client.

Siding Project on Historical Homestead

The clients wanted to rejuvenate the exterior of their 1984-built homestead, which had aged Masonite siding covered by traditionally applied stucco showing signs of wear and tear such as cracking and chipping. With the homeowners retired and desiring minimal upkeep, we proposed a durable and low-maintenance solution.

Our Approach:

We began by stripping the old stucco and wire lath off the home, repairing any damaged substrate or structural elements as needed. The house was then enveloped in Tyvek wrap coupled with ¾ inch Styrofoam insulation for enhanced protection and energy efficiency.

For the siding, we opted for 26-gauge metal in the R-panel design, selecting a palette of light gray for the main panels, smokestack gray for the wainscoting, and white for the trims. Additionally, we custom-wrapped the existing fascia boards in metal and painted the soffits with color-matched paint to complete the look.

This comprehensive update not only fulfilled the client’s needs for a maintenance-free solution but also revitalized the aesthetic appeal of their cherished homestead, ensuring durability and family pride for years to come.